Maybe There’s A Good Reason You’re Not On A 100% Commission Split…

Maybe it’s because you’re willing to give away a big part of your hard-earned income because your office provides you with a steady stream of quality leads?

Maybe it’s because your office provides you with customized marketing plans tailored to your exact needs?

Maybe you’re willingly giving away a portion of your hard-earned income because you are independently wealthy and not really interested in making money?

Maybe It’s Time To Make The Call…

Maybe it’s Time For a Change….

Trans-Action Realty not only offers a 100% commission split, but also a new model in advertising and marketing.

Reaching your goal means more than just calculating the number of transactions you need to complete.  It also means putting together a marketing plan that can get you there!

Instead of offering you programs that build the image and bank account of the broker, we offer individualized marketing plans to benefit you!  Why?  Because to make money, you need to find advertising and marketing methods that actually work, and work for you!

Our programs are uniquely designed by an in house advertising agency with years of experience in all levels of real estate advertising.

Your individualized marketing program will be based on a “real world” budget level and will be simple to implement because it is based on a step-by-step basis.

Give us a call to set up a meeting and find out for yourself.  There’s no cost and no obligation, just the opportunity to increase your income.

Bob Cross
Managing Partner Transaction Realty
Owner Cross Communications